The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



October Challenge: 1 month, 1 jar.

DF3D7CE2-A8F2-435E-883B-7A89DC8EEDFDWhile showing how much little trash a person can produce by having one month, one year or several years of trash fit into a jar is great, and certainly brings awareness to the massive problem of unnecessary waste, the jar is only a piece of the Zero Waste puzzle.

It’s not possible to be completely Zero Waste. We don’t live in a cyclical society, we live in a very wasteful, disposable, and destructive society. We don’t value our possessions, and therefore we overconsume everything. We are taught that more is better, more means you’re doing well in life, more means you have achieved something. That’s simply not true. More is wasteful, more is destructive, more is disposable, more is destroying the planet. Mother Earth does not have an infinite amount of resources.

Now, back to my point about how someone being truly Zero Waste is impossible:

When you buy from bulk bins, all of that product came in some sort of packaging. While buying from bulk bins is far better than buying individual packages, packaging still exists for bulk bin products, much less packaging, which is great, but packaging nonetheless.

If you eat out, that food came in packaging. The straw that the server put in your drink before you could ask them for no straw. The plastic utensils you weren’t expecting to come with your meal.

When you buy produce from a store, that produce had to travel, and therefore used resources that created waste.

I could go on, and on, but you get my point.

See, the jar is a great way for people to challenge themselves for a month to see that living Zero Waste isn’t all that hard, but it’s also a way to let people know that absolute Zero Waste isn’t possible in the current society we live in.

With this October challenge, I hope to bring awareness to the Zero Waste movement, make people think about what they can do daily to reduce their waste, and hopefully inspire people to start living Zero Waste.